Air Conditioning Projects

GREE offers a full range of air conditioning projects and solutions, capable to meet the needs of every company. Thanks to the wide range of commercial and light commercial air conditioning products, the company can offer ideal solutions for shops, small businesses, enterprises, industrial facilities and large organizations.

Our specialized partners, having long experience and know-how, are planning and implementing large-scale projects, providing integrated solutions and specialized support.

A small list of the businesses and organizations that have trusted GREE for air conditioning is presented above.

By using high quality standarts, GREE Electric Appliances Inc. is focusing on on the technological innovation and perfection of its products, production lines and their quality control.

All of our products are thoroughly evaluated and tested. we invest a large amount of our funds on international quality control.

Nippon – D. Mavrogenis SA is the exclusive business representative and distributor of GREE in Greece.

We provide a 10-year warranty in prime residential and semi-central air conditioning products and a 5-year warranty on the central air conditioning products under the brand of GREE.

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