Home GMV5

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Home GMV5 GREEDescription

Home GMV5 is the latest system produced by GREE that can extend VRF applications with a hot water, heat recovery generating technology. It is a unique patented system allowing a combined COP of 6,8, derived during the combined operation of space cooling and water heating.

The system brings down the barriers of traditional VRF systems finding new space in the luxury household environment allowing bigger versatility, economic operation and a smaller installation requiring fewer parts, such as electric heater boilers, solar panels etc.

It comprises of the outdoor unit, traditionally combined with VRF indoor units, and a second recovery pipe system driving energy to the hydro kit with a capacity range of 10 ~ 28 kW of outdoor units, and up to 25 kW of hydro kits.

It incorporates a series of advantages such as:

  • DC Ιnverter technology, driving Twin Rotary and Scroll compressors for increased energy efficiency.
  • Installation versatility known in traditional variable refrigerant flow systems. A wide selection of indoor units will cover all installation site demands.
  • Production of sanitary or heating hot water. A pioneering technology for VRF systems uniquely patented by GREE.
  • A very high energy efficiency ratio (EER) of up to 4,6 under partial load.
  • A very high combined energy efficiency ratio (ECOP) of up to 6,6 under the heat recovery operation. 1 kW of electric energy can result to 2,8 kW of cooling capacity and a 3,8 kW heating capacity recovered into hot water.
  • ECOP = (Q2+Q3)/Q1 = 6,6

All above advantages are incorporated into a unique system: GREE HOME GMV5.

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