Mini GMV5

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Mini GMV5Description

Mini GMV5

Best known for its small dimensions, discreet design and low operation noise, generation 5 GREE Mini GMV5 combines the versatility of bigger VRF systems with the wide range of indoor unit choices for small scale luxury residential as well as small commercial applications.

Capacity: A High energy efficiency ratio (EER) with the use of DC Inverter technology driving Twin Rotary compressors.

Simple & versatile installation: GMV 5 offers increased installation versatility due to the big height and length of refrigerant piping.

  • Max total piping length: 150m
  • Max total piping length between outdoor and indoor unit: 70m
  • Max height difference between indoor units: 10m
  • Max height difference between outdoor and indoor units: 30m
  • Max height difference between first branch and last indoor unit: 25m

Reliable heating: Strong heating capacity under an ambient temperature as low as – 200C.  The system automatically increases the heating capacity by 15% when the environment temperature drops below a set temp level.

Increased comfort: The automatic silent operation of Mini GMV5 is enabled when conditions allow it. Under this operation the fan motor and compressor speed are reduced, lowering operation noise level by 3dB(A).

The unique GREE 180 degree sine wave compressor driving technology with range from 30 to 90 Hz in 61 steps allows maximum adaptability to the required conditions. The unique PID (proportional – integral – differential) adapts compressor capacity according to the combination of ambient, indoor and indoor set temperature in accordance with the rate of variation.

Wide temperature operation range: The units can operate in a wide ambient temperature range decreasing thus capacity loss due to outdoor temperature.

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By using high quality standarts, GREE Electric Appliances Inc. is focusing on on the technological innovation and perfection of its products, production lines and their quality control.

All of our products are thoroughly evaluated and tested. we invest a large amount of our funds on international quality control.

Nippon – D. Mavrogenis SA is the exclusive business representative and distributor of GREE in Greece.

We provide a 10-year warranty in prime residential and semi-central air conditioning products and a 5-year warranty on the central air conditioning products under the brand of GREE.

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